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Find out how to redeem your Titanfall 2 product code, then download and install your game.

There are two kinds of codes: character (numbers and letters) and QR (looks like a barcode, but a dotted square).

Tip: When typing in the code, read it backwards. You'll spot mistakes easier.

So what are you playing Titanfall 2 on?

Where to look on PC

Origin download

If you purchased your game through Origin, you’re all set. Then game will be added to your Game Library.

Physical disc

  1. Find your code on the in-box insert or the back of the game manual.
  2. Open the Origin client.
  3. Click Games and select Redeem Product Code.
  4. Enter your product code, click Next.
  5. Follow any additional prompts to download and install your game.

Where to look on Xbox One

You can either:

Use Kinect

  1. Say, "Xbox, use a code."
  2. Hold up the QR code to the camera or enter the 25-character code.

Type it in

  1. Go the Games store.
  2. Choose Use a code.

Type in the code.

Where to look on PlayStation 4

  1. Go to the PlayStation Store.
  2. Choose Redeem Codes from the Store menu.

Try our tips to optimize and troubleshoot your connection.

Digital editions of Titanfall 2 should automatically install once your download completes. If it does not automatically install, try these steps to manually download and install your game.


  1. Log in to the Origin client.
  2. Click Game Library and then on your Battlefield 1 game tile.
    • If you can't find the game tile in your Library and are sure you own it, click on Filter at the top-right and then on Clear all filters.
  3. Click Download.
    • Origin will detect any available extra content and add it to your download queue for you.
    • If your download is showing as paused, click Resume Download.
  4. Click Next, then agree to the User License and click Next again.
  5. When the game has downloaded and installed for the first time, you’ll see a green checkmark and Completed on your game tile.
  6. Click it and choose Play.

Xbox One

  1. Navigate to your Download History from the main Xbox Menu.
  2. Select the Titanfall 2 file and press the menu button.
  3. Select Install.

PlayStation 4

  1. Open your Notifications from the XMB, or main PlayStation menu.
  2. Choose Downloads and find your Titanfall 2 download file.
  3. Press the Options button and select Install.

If you run into a problem while installing, like your installation freezes, gets stuck, or fails, your game file may have corrupted while downloading.

  1. Delete or manually uninstall any files that made it through the installation process
  2. Download and install your game again.
  3. Restart your system or console. This makes sure your system checks for game updates.

I pre-ordered. Where is my bonus content?

See what's included in the different Titanfall 2 Editions and claim your bonus content.

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