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Need help in FIFA Mobile? Follow these steps to get help in-game or find your User ID in case you can’t access the game.

If you’re playing FIFA Mobile and need help, the fastest way to get it is by contacting us in-game. Follow the steps below to learn how.

  • Check if we have an answer or support for your issue on Twitter.
  • Think you lost game progress? See if you can restore your progress with these troubleshooting steps.
  • What if I can’t access the game? If you can’t log in, your User ID should show up on the loading screen.
    • Make sure to always have your User ID when you contact us so we can find your account.
In-game help User ID More info
  1. Tap the Settings (cogwheel) icon on the home screen.

    Home screen showing the top right Settings icon in FIFA Mobile game app.

  2. Tap the arrow icon next to Customer Service and follow the instructions to get in touch with us.

    Contact EA Help in Settings menu by clicking the arrow next to Customer Service.

  1. From the Settings menu, tap the arrow icon next to Credits.

    View Credits in the Settings menu.

  2. On the scrolling Credits screen, touch and drag down until you see your UserId. Screenshot or write it down before contacting us so you have it ready. You’ll need it if you’re ever locked out of the game and need to contact us here on EA Help.

    Find your UserId in the Credits.

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