Learn more about when you can update your child’s EA Account to a teen EA Account.

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If you created an EA Account for your child and they are  under the minimum age in their country or region, they have a child EA Account. Once they’ve reached the minimum age, they can upgrade (or “age up”) their child account to a teen account.

Once your child has reached the minimum age in their country or region, they’ll get a pop-up notification every time they log in to the EA app to let them know it's time to age up. Once you upgrade your child’s account to a teen account, they can add their own email address to enable Login Verification which helps keep their account secure.

Child accounts are usually linked to an adult account of their parent or guardian. You can only upgrade a child account by logging in to the EA app with the child account—you can’t make this change from the linked parent or guardian account.

It depends on the game and platform that they are playing on. Here’s everything child accounts can do online.

A teen EA Account lets your child access all the features of our games and services (subject to any parental controls that you may have set on a console or through the EA app).

This includes:

  • Playing online
  • Chatting with friends
  • Inviting friends to play
  • Signing into and using our online game companion apps
  • Buying and downloading games from our online store

However, unlike an adult EA Account, your child may link their teen account to yours which will enable you to set playtime and spend controls.

Learn how to link your teen’s account to yours, so you can set spend and playtime limits.

Did you or your child forget the account password? Here's how to reset it.

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