Learn how to unlink other platform accounts (PC or console) from your EA Account in settings.

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When you link accounts, it creates a lifetime link to protect you from malicious activity and help prevent performance issues in your games.

You can unlink your platform accounts from your EA Account if you want to link them to a different EA Account, as long as that EA Account has never had the same account type linked to it before in its lifetime.

That means if you unlink an Xbox gamertag from your EA Account, you can’t link a different Xbox gamertag to it in the future.

  1. Go to the Connections tab in your EA Account settings portal..
  2. Find the account you want to unlink, and click the Unlink button next to it.
  3. Read the disclaimer and make sure you want to unlink, knowing all the risks.
  4. Check the box next to I understand and wish to continue.
  5. Click Unlink.

A coral dotted line surrounding the Unlink your account pop up window.

Once you unlink a platform account from your EA Account and link it to a new one, you can’t unlink it again for six months.

Make sure unlinking is the best choice for you and that you understand all the risks below before you unlink your account.

When you unlink a platform account from your EA Account, you can link it to another EA Account, but your in-game progress won’t transfer over.

That means you’ll permanently lose access to:

  • games and game progress
  • DLC, expansions, and anything extra you have for your game
  • memberships and subscriptions
  • in-game purchases.

If you unlink your platform account and link it back to your original EA Account, you may be able to get your stuff back if you still can access the account.

Unlinking risks for Steam players

If you link your Steam account to a different EA Account, any entitlements, like in-game rewards, points, and items, will remain on the EA Account that your Steam account was first linked to.

You can't move your games or personas to another account yourself. Learn what you can do if you decide to merge your accounts.

Unlinking risks for EA SPORTS FC™ players

If you unlink a platform account that you use to play EA SPORTS FC™, and that account is still set as active in the Web and Companion Apps, you’ll lose access to the apps entirely.

If you have more than one platform account on your EA Account that you use to play EA SPORTS FC™, you can change which one is active in the Web and Companion Apps to greatly reduce the risk of losing access to the apps.

When we say greatly reduced, we don’t mean the risk is eliminated. If you want to make sure you can always access the Web and Companion Apps, don’t unlink your platform accounts.

If you’re sure you’re okay with this risk, here’s how to switch accounts in the apps:

  1. Sign in to the Web App or Companion App.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. At the top right, select Change beside the platform icon.
  4. A dotted coral line surrounding the Change button.

  5. Choose the platform account you want to set as active—it shouldn’t be the one you’re planning to unlink.

Unlinking risks for Apex players

If you unlink a platform account that you use to play Apex Legends, you might have issues with Battle Pass leveling, item unlocks, and other errors.

Instead of unlinking and relinking a platform account you play Apex on, we recommend starting fresh on a new account.

If your account has been disabled, banned, or suspended, you won’t be able to unlink your platform account from your EA Account.

If you need help with a disabled account, you can attempt to reset your password to re-enable your account and then continue with the unlinking steps above.

If you believe we made a mistake with a ban or suspension on your account that’s preventing you from unlinking, find out how to dispute it.

We can’t help to resecure a platform account that’s been hacked. You’ll need to reach out to your platform’s account support team to help recover access to your platform.

If you believe your EA Account has been hacked and another platform account was added during a hack, read this article to try and resecure your EA Account orA coral play this EA Help video.

To play our games on other platforms, you need to link your platform accounts to your EA Account. This includes PlayStation™Network online IDs (PSN ID), Xbox gamertags, and accounts for Steam, Epic Games, Twitch, and Amazon.

Get in touch with us so we can try to help you get back into your account.

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