Everything you need to know about cross-platform play and how to manage it in your settings.

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Cross-play lets you play with your friends no matter what system they’re playing on. In Battlefield 2042, it’s available on:

  • PC,
  • PlayStation,
  • Xbox.

Cross-play is grouped by platform generation, which means you can only play against others in the same generation:

  • new-generation consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC),
  • old-generation consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One).

To keep the experience fair and fun, and performance stable for older systems, we reduced the scale of the battles in All-Out Warfare. If you’re playing on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you’ll be in 64-player battles rather than 128-player ones.

What is cross-progression?

In Battlefield 2042, cross-progression means your progress and any items you’ve earned in-game follow you wherever you’re playing, as long as your accounts are all linked to the same EA Account.

If you play on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5, you can switch between platforms without losing progress or access to your favorite weapon.

If you upgrade your console, your progress and items will follow you to your new console, too, as long as you’re still playing on the same account.

You turn cross-play off from the Options menu.

Remember: if you disable cross-play, you’ll only be playing with and against players on the same platform as you.

Here’s how to turn it off:

  1. From the main menu in-game, open the Accessibility & Options menu.
  2. Select the General tab.
  3. Toggle Cross-play on or off.

You can’t change your cross-play settings if you’re in a group, when you’re matchmaking, or if you’ve joined a server.

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