Everything you need to know about voice chat moderation in Battlefield 2042.

Voice chat moderation is used when reviewing reports of harmful or offensive voice chat so our support teams can action the reports appropriately.

Learn more about EA’s Rules of Conduct.

When you report a player, the support team will automatically receive a recording of the session you wish to report. After evaluating the recording, the support team will make a decision according to EA’s Positive Play Charter and enforce a solution.

The easiest way to report someone is through the Squad and Players list.

  1. Open the Pause menu.
  2. Choose Squad and Players.
  3. Select the player’s name on the list.
  4. Choose More.
  5. If you want to report them, select Report.
  6. Select Abusive Voice Chat.

If you just want to block the player, follow the same steps above, select Block, and then confirm when you’re asked to. Blocked players are also muted for you in voice and text chat.

To protect players, voice chat moderation cannot be turned off within the game. You can choose not to use voice chat as part of your game session.

We want to help our players as efficiently as we can, so please only contact us with genuine challenges. If you think we made a mistake with a ban or suspension, email us so we can review your account.

Before you email us, know that the Rules of Conduct in our User Agreement expect that players don’t:

  • improperly use in-game support or complaint buttons
  • make false reports to EA staff.

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