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Learn how to play your Ubisoft games using Uplay with the EA app.

Keep all of your games together in your Collection when you pre-order and buy some of Ubisoft’s games directly through the EA app (formerly EA Desktop). That way, you can use the EA app’s In-Game Overlay to connect with your friends while you play.

Browse the EA app Store for what you’re looking to play.

If a game needs Uplay, the EA app will let you know when you’re buying it.

DLC and Uplay

When you buy downloadable content (DLC) for your Ubisoft games on the EA app, you’ll need to download it in Uplay. You’ll be able to do this after you’ve linked to your Ubisoft account.

Did you pre-order a Ubisoft game through us? You won’t be able to download the game or link to your Ubisoft account until the release date.

In order to play your Ubisoft games through the EA app, you have to connect to your Ubisoft account. You’ll need to link to your Ubisoft account for every Ubisoft purchase you make that requires Uplay.

After you buy your game, head to your app Collection. You’ll be asked to connect to your Ubisoft account before you can download the game. Log in with your Ubisoft account, download the game, and you’ll be ready to play.

Make sure to log in with the account where you have all of your Ubisoft games. You’ll be asked to confirm the account you’re logging in with. 

Not the right account? Click Use Another Account to log into a different one.

Need to create a Ubisoft account?

If you don’t already have an account with Ubisoft, you can set one up when you’re connecting. Just click the I don’t have a Ubisoft account button. 

That will take you to a flow for setting up a new Ubisoft account.

If you run into problems with the game itself, get in touch with the Ubisoft game team.

If you’re having trouble buying Ubisoft games from the EA app Store, let us know.

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