Learn how to find friends, play across platforms, and manage your social gaming experience with EA connect.

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EA connect (formerly EA Social) is an in-game menu that enables cross-platform and group play across EA games and platforms. You can find friends, join their lobby, jump into a game in progress, and customize social settings to keep your online gaming experience fun and fair.

Which games have EA connect?

Right now, you can find EA connect in FIFA 23, Madden NFL 24, NHL 24, and EA SPORTS FC™ 24.

How do I launch EA connect in my game?

Once you’ve loaded the main menu of your game, you’ll see the option to launch EA connect on the bottom-right side of your screen.

You’ll need to be connected online to use EA connect. You can check the server status for your game on EA Help.

Also, not every game will have all of the features listed below. As we develop and improve EA connect, more features may be added to games in the future.

Find and add friends in EA connect

Once you’ve opened EA connect, use your controller, keyboard, or mouse to choose the Player search tab. From here, you can enter your friend’s EA ID or their platform username into the search bar. The results will show both the EA ID and the linked platform ID for your friend.

Select their name, and accept the prompt to add them as a friend.

Blue box highlighting the Player ID under EA connect's Player Search button.

In the Friend requests tab, you can see the status of friend requests that you’ve sent and received. You can accept, decline, or cancel a request by selecting the request and confirming the prompt.

In the Recently met tab, you’ll be able to find other players you’ve recently played with. You can take action on players in this list, including adding them as a friend, or blocking them.

Manage friends in EA connect

When you open EA connect, you’ll start on the Friends tab. This is where you can view both your Online friends and Offline friends.

You can see what platform they’re on, what game and mode they’re currently playing, and when they were last online.

Blue box highlighting an online friend in EA connect.

If you’re friends with someone on EA connect but you’re not friends on your platform network, you’ll see an EA logo next to their name. If the opposite is true and you’re only friends with someone on your platform network but not EA connect, you won’t be able to see details about their activity, including when they were last online.

Remove a friend

  1. Select their name
  2. Choose Remove as EA friend
  3. Choose Confirm

If you’re still friends with someone on your platform network, they will still show up in the Friends tab.

Report, mute, or block players with EA connect

Select the player that you want to take action on. Choose See player actions to pull up the menu, and choose what you want to do.

If you’re reporting a player, you’ll see a few more prompts and can share more information about the specific behavior or content that you’re flagging.

Blue box highlighting the Mute button under Player actions on EA connect.

Manage game invites with EA connect

Jump into the same game mode with a friend by getting together in a lobby.

Blue box highlighting the EA game invites for EA connect.

View your invites

Choose the Game invites tab to see invitations you’ve received. If you’ve got an active invite waiting for you, select it to view more details like what game it’s for, who sent it, and to see player actions. These details will show up on the right side of your screen.

Accept or decline an invite

Select the invitation, and choose either Join lobby to accept it, or Decline to refuse it.

Invite someone to a lobby

Once you’re in the game mode you want to play, go to the Friends tab, choose the online friend you want to invite, and select Invite to lobby.

Cross-play restrictions

You won’t be able to join a friend in a lobby if:

  • you’ve disabled cross-play
  • your friend has disabled cross-play
  • the game mode doesn’t support cross-play

Start a party in EA connect

In NHL 24, you can start a party with other players and communicate through the party chat. You can have up to 6 players in a party including yourself. To start, open EA connect and go to the Party tab. You should see yourself as the only party member. The crown icon next to your EA ID indicates that you’re the party owner.

Add players to a party

  1. From the Party tab, select Add players to party–this will bring you to the Friends tab, where you’ll be able to see your friends who are online, and those who are offline.
  2. Go to the name of the player you want to invite, and select Invite to party.

You can invite players who are online or offline to your party. Players who are offline will get your invite when they log on.

Promote a player to party leader

  1. From the Party tab, go to the name of the player you want to promote to Party Leader.
  2. Select See player actions.
  3. Select Promote to Party Leader.

Manage voice chat preferences

  1. From the Party tab, use your controller to select Chat: Party at the bottom of your screen (depending on your settings, it might say something else like Chat: Team).
  2. Choose which setting you want to chat in: Party channel, team channel, or turn voice chat off entirely.

Manage clubs in EA connect

In NHL 24, you can use EA connect to engage with members of clubs that you belong to or manage.

Add a club member as a friend

Go to the EASHL Club tab, choose the name of the player you want to invite, and select Add friend.

Invite a club member to a party

Go to the EASHL Club tab, choose the name of the player you want to invite, and select Invite to party.

Promote a club member

If you’re the General Manager (GM) of your club, you can promote other club members to GM, Club Captain, or Club UGC owner. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the EASHL Club tab
  2. Choose the name of the player you want to promote, and select See player actions.
  3. Choose the type of promotion you want to give and select that option.

EA connect social and accessibility settings

Select the Social settings option on the bottom-left side of your screen.

From here, you can change your notification preferences, privacy settings, enable or disable voice chat, and make adjustments to accessibility settings.

Blue box highlighting the Social settings for EA connect.

  • Check out Answers HQ to get help from other players and chat with the community.
  • Keep an eye on @EAHelp for everything from outage info to news about the game.

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