Learn how to use the EA Help website to find help for your game, your EA Account, and how to contact us about an issue.

For most issues, you can use an EA Help article to solve your problem. If an advisor can help with this issue, a contact method will also be available under your help topic. If not, a self-help option will be available to help solve your issue.

Once you contact us about your issue, we’ll create a case for you. You can view it and keep track of updates in My Cases. You’ll be notified of changes to your case via email.

Not every help topic will have the option to contact an advisor.

If you don’t see one, that means we have an article or another way to help you solve your issue. If the issue is temporary, we’re likely aware of it and working on a fix. Check out @EAHelp for real-time updates.

A coral dashed line surrounding the Chat with us button on EA Help.

Is there a chat option?

If your issue has the option to chat with an advisor, use these steps.

  1. Once you select the topic that best describes your issue, you can select Chat with us or Start chat.
  2. Log in with your EA Account, if you haven’t already.
  3. Fill in the contact form with your:
    • first name
    • last name
    • e-mail
    • platform
    • subject (a short description of your issue)
    • attachments (e.g. screenshots, documents, links).
  4. Select Send.
  5. A chat window will open when you’re transferred to an advisor.

What can an advisor help with?

If you're having trouble getting help from an article, EA Advisors are here to help you with most account and game-related issues. When contacting us, include as much info about your issue as you can. This will save you time later.

  1. Go to the EA Help homepage.
  2. Log in to your EA Account by selecting Log In and entering your credentials.
  3. Choose the category you need help with in the Manage My Account dropdown menu or under Manage account.
  4. The Manage account help page, which shows options to reset or recover my password, change my email address, link or unlink my EA Account, manage my account security, manage my orders, redeem a game or product code, view open or past cases and view current or past bans and suspensions.

  1. On the EA Help homepage, look for your game in the list or enter the title of your game into the search bar.
  2. Select the game you need help with from the search results.
  3. Select the topic that best describes your issue in the Popular help topics section. If you can’t find it there, select See all help topics.
    • If you select See all help topics, you can find your topic quicker by using the All categories dropdown.A coral dotted line surrounding the different help topic categories for Apex Legends.

Is there a quicker way to find help?

You can use the Help Q&A Bot to help you find the info you’re looking for quickly. Look for the Help Q&A Bot icon on the EA Help homepage.

The Help Q&A Bot can only search for help we offer in our articles. It can't connect you to an EA Advisor.

For game-specific questions, include the title of your game in your question.

If your question is related to EA Accounts, include "EA Account" in your question.

Some of our games have their own support separate from EA Help. Here’s how to get help with those:


Get help with:

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™

See the best way to get help for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

Come across a bug in a game or have a suggestion? You can submit bug reports and give feedback on EA Forums, EA’s official support forum.

Learn more about reporting bugs in this article.

  • Check out the Answers HQ forums for tips, workarounds, and solutions from other players.
  • Follow us on @EAHelp for real-time updates on issues. That’s also where we’ll let you know when we’ve fixed a problem.
  • Subscribe to EA Help on YouTube for video walkthroughs and guides.

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