Learn all about EA beta testing, why it matters, and how to access a beta test.

Video game developers make games in a series of distinct stages, broadly often called something like alpha, beta, and release. You might also see terms like limited regional launches and playtests depending on the game.

In the beta stage of game development, the game is functional and playable with most of the content, features, and game modes. The beta version might include 1-2 playable characters, a demo mission, and some online multiplayer.

Developers use betas to collect player feedback, fix bugs, and improve connectivity before a game is officially released.

How do I join a beta test?

How you join a beta will depend on the game, and whether the beta is closed (restricted) or open (unrestricted). At EA, we work with our player community to help us make great games. One way we do this is through the EA Playtesting program.

For most closed betas, you’ll need to sign up for EA Playtesting and opt-in to email communication from EA to be selected and get a beta code. Here’s how to check whether you’ve opted in to emails from EA:

  1. Log into your EA Account.
  2. Go to Account Settings.
  3. Click on Email Preferences.
  4. Under Manage your email preferences, click on the box to provide your consent. A check mark should appear.

You can then choose the frequency of emails and which games and platforms you’d like to get news for.

How do beta codes work?

A beta code is a string of letters and numbers that acts as your key to accessing most closed beta tests. If you’re selected to participate, you’ll get an email confirmation, along with your code. These emails will always come from an official EA email address, such as

Learn more about redeeming your beta code for your chosen platform.

How do I share feedback about my beta experience?

Player feedback helps ensure our games are the best they can be. After taking part in a beta, you’ll have the opportunity to tell us what you enjoyed about the game and where you think it could improve.

Outside of the Playtest environment, continue the conversation with other players on Answers HQ.

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