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Here's all you need to know about the biggest GRID game yet.

GRID Legends brings all the racing joy you expect from GRID, amped up to new levels. Strap in, start your engine and race against friends—you’re in for the drive of your life!

Where can I play?

Settle the score on:

  • PC
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Meta Quest virtual reality (Quest 2, and Meta Quest Pro)

Which edition should I choose?

Deluxe Edition

If you’re looking for a little something extra, the Deluxe Edition of GRID Legends contains:

  • 4 additional story packs. You’ll get these as four individual packs over the course of the year. These all contain new cars, new racetracks, additional storylines, and more.
  • A Voltz Legends Pack, which includes the unmissable Volkswagen Golf GTI and Audi R8 1:1.
  • A Mechanics pass that multiplies the mileage earned on vehicles you own.

TIP: If you’re playing on console, check to make sure you’ve redeemed your code and downloaded all your bonus content:

Meta Quest 2 Edition

Getting started

  1. Download the Meta Quest mobile app from either the Google Play Store or App Store to play.
  2. Head to the Meta Quest store to buy your game.
  3. You’re all set!

The Meta Quest is a standalone virtual reality device which doesn’t support cross-platform play.

Get on the GRID

There’s no shortage of things for you to do in GRID Legends, whether you’re playing solo, with friends, or taking on the world in Multiplayer.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:


Work your way from your Rookie season to competing against the pros in The Gauntlet. Along the way you’ll compete in a wide range of races combining different events and vehicle types including:

  • Drift
  • Electric
  • GT
  • Touring
  • Open Wheel
  • Specials
  • Track Day Specials
  • Tuner
  • Trucks
    …and more!

Unlock more Career events by completing the objectives in a race and completing the final event.

You’ll find any special events that you’ve unlocked (like Sponsorship races) under GRID Challenges here too.

If you really love competition, you can even let friends and rivals Hop In to your Career races. A little chaos never hurt anyone, right?


These days, being a star behind the wheel isn't enough. In our Story mode Driven to Glory, you’ve got a documentary crew filming behind the scenes in your rookie season with Seneca Motorsport.

As competitor Number 22, you face a whole new level of pressure and scrutiny, and with our groundbreaking extended reality tech, and performances from some great actors (including Ncuti Gatwa), you’ll really immerse yourself in the drama.

Race Creator

Jump into Race Creator to create your own custom events. Choose your own vehicle, weather, and event-type combinations. Big rigs vs single seaters on Alpine roads in a snowstorm? Vintage cruisers on the rainy streets of London? It’s up to you.

Remix your favorite races, or design something you’ve only ever dreamt of driving.

You can race them alone against AI drivers or host them online so other players can join the fun.


Multiplayer is fast and frantic—skill, speed, and pure adrenaline are the marks of a true GRID Legend. Challenge your friends and frenemies, on the track and in the rankings. We’ve got room for you and up to 21 of your friends to really amp up the rivalry.

Our innovative Social system gives you lots of control over how and when you play with others. You can even join races in real time, making it easier to play with your friends online. With the exception of virtual reality, we also have cross-gen and cross-platform play so no-one's left out of the fun.

Heads-up that to play online in GRID Legends, you’ll need to link your game to an EA Account.

  • Boost: This one’s for Electric Vehicles only. Blast through special boost gates on the track to gain a surge of power. Use that power wisely: to muscle to the front, to make up lost ground, or to get ahead of someone who's got the audacity to tailgate you.
  • Circuit Racing: This is your standard race where you complete a set number of laps of a circuit. Your objective here is generally to place in the top three, win, or place higher than a named opponent.
  • Drift: Challenge yourself to rack up all the points you can by chaining drifts. This is one event where coming at things sideways is definitely the best way.
  • Elimination: In Elimination, we remove the slowest drivers from the race over time until only the fastest remains (and wins!) To succeed here, move up the pack, and stay out of elimination range.
  • Head to Head: Reduce the number of racers on the track for a grudge match with your nemesis, or a fun rivals race against your friends.
  • Multi-class: Bring vehicles from different classes into the same race. Ever wondered if an electric car can really compete with a Big Rig? Here’s where you can find out.
  • Point-to-Point: This is a classic racing mode. Get on the GRID and show ‘em what you’re made of.
  • Time Attack: You’ve got limited chances to get the fastest lap you can, and your fastest must be quicker (and cleaner) than all the other drivers for you to win. Stay on track, and keep your focus regardless of what the drivers around you are doing.
  • Time Trial: Challenge yourself to complete a number of laps in the best time possible. Remember to drive as cleanly as you can, or you’ll wind up with penalties from the Stewards.

Check out our EA Help beginners guide to all things GRID.

Playing on Meta Quest 2? Head to the Meta Quest Help Center if you need help with a purchase or technical issue.

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