Having trouble with your mobile game on iOS freezing, crashing, loading, or connecting to servers? Check out these troubleshooting steps for Apple iOS.

Quick tips Restart your device or Wi-Fi Date/time Connection Cache Storage Other apps Update Install/reinstall Other devices

Important: Back up your game before trying to uninstall and reinstall it. If your game isn't saved when you uninstall it, you could lose all the game data on your account.

Link your game account to Facebook or Apple ID to avoid losing game progress.

If you’re playing on a Guest account—not logged in to either an EA Account, Facebook, or Apple ID—you can lose your game data if you uninstall and reinstall your app.

If the interface is frozen

Delete any apps you don’t use or close apps running in the background.

If the app crashes

Check that your phone and app have the latest updates.

If the screen won’t respond

Restart your device.

If the app won’t download

Try pausing and restarting the download. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your device.

If the app constantly downloads updates

If the app won’t launch

If your device is an older model

Some mobile games are too demanding for older devices to run. These steps might temporarily make the game run better:

  • Turn off auto-updates on all apps, including email.
  • Force-close all other apps, including those running in the background.
  • Restart the device regularly, especially before playing.

If your device has been modified

Our games may not run properly on modified devices. To fix this, you’ll need to reset your device to factory settings.

Force restart your device

If the steps above to restart your game didn’t work, try restarting your iPhone or iPad.

Restart your Wi-Fi

  1. Head to Settings > General > Reset.
  2. Tap Reset Network Settings.
  3. Scroll down to see the Wi-Fi and Mobile Data sections.

Now, test your connection with these steps.

  1. If you’re using Mobile Data, turn Wi-Fi on and Mobile Data off.
  2. If Wi-Fi isn’t available, test this when you have Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Reinstall the app.

If the date and time on your device don't match your location, update them in your device settings. If you’re using a VPN, disable it, then reload or reinstall your app.

Try connecting to your game using Wi-Fi. If that doesn’t work, try Cellular Data. Tap Wi-Fi or Cellular and toggle the options on or off from the Settings menu on your iOS device.

If you’re connecting using Cellular Data, make sure that you have it enabled for the game app. To do this, go to Settings > Cellular, and scroll down to the app, and toggle it on.

Depending on where you are, and how strong cellular coverage is for your network, you might find it useful to switch on VoLTE and switch between 5G/4G/3G data.

Here’s how:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Cellular.
  3. Toggle Cellular Data on if it’s not on already.
  4. Tap Cellular Data Options.
  5. Tap Voice & Data.
  6. Switch between the available options and test if your connection improves.

For anything we haven’t covered, please reach out to your phone service carrier or check out Apple’s iPhone User Guide.

Clearing your Safari cache will help with certain games. Follow the steps listed in the Delete history, cache, and cookies section.

Usually 1 GB is enough data to install a game, but some games may need more. To check out your storage, go to Settings > General > About. Scroll down to see how many GBs you have available.

If it’s less than 1 GB, clear some space and try to install the game again.

Learn how to manage your iCloud storage here.

Other apps could be stopping your game from working well, including:

  • anti-advertising software and ad-blockers
  • apps that analyze or change data going in or out of the game
  • custom ROMs or OS versions

Try disabling or uninstalling them to see if that fixes your issue.

Update your iOS version

Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Your device will tell you what iOS version you have and if you need to install an update.

Update the app

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Tap Updates.
  3. Tap Update beside any app that shows an available update.

Some apps require a Wi-Fi connection to update.

Install another app from the App Store

If you can’t launch any of your apps, there could be a problem with your Apple ID authorization. Reauthorize your Apple ID by downloading a new app from the App Store.

If you installed apps using multiple Apple IDs, do this for each account.

Reinstall the app

Before reinstalling, make sure to back up your game and link your account to Facebook or your Apple ID to avoid losing game progress.

Then try uninstalling it from your device and installing it again.

Did you reinstall your game but don’t see your progress? If you linked your game to Facebook or Apple ID before uninstalling the app, your progress is still there. Play through the game’s tutorials and you’ll be right back where you were.

If it’s a paid app, make sure you use the iTunes account you purchased it with to avoid being charged again.

Get more tips on downloading your past purchases from Apple Support Center.

If there’s still a problem after you’ve tried everything and if you have another device you can use, install the app on it and see if you have the same problem.

The best way to contact us for help with mobile games is by creating an in-game ticket. This sends us through details about your account and means we can help you faster.

If you need help because you’re locked out of your game or have lost your device, have your game info ready before reaching out to us. Our advisors need it to find your account and help you.

Follow this article to get help contacting us in-game or finding your game info.

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