If your data is corrupted or you want to revert to a previous save, The Sims 4 automatically stores numerous save points for you to choose from.

To find your save files, go to Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 4 > Saves

  • You'll see a long list of files with names like or
  • Each file number has up to six versions.
  • The one with the .save file extension is the primary version of that save point.

      Sims 4 save file extension

    • This is the file that would load if you launched the game and continued from where you left off (or used Load Game in the main menu to choose an older save point).
    • The other saves under that file (that have the same number) represent older points within that saved game, where the game automatically preserved your progress over time. The higher the version number, the older the file (.ver4 is the oldest save point within the series).

If you see that your game is corrupted as of the latest load, you can easily revert to any older version of that same save point, and lose no more than a few hours of game progress.

Never change game files while the game is running as it can cause the files to become corrupted.

  1. Start by identifying the save point you want to use. Decide if you want to restore the latest game you've been playing, or if you want to go back by a few days.
    • If your folder view is set to show details, you'll see your files displayed with date and time information, making it easy to choose the newest set of save points.
    • The in-game save points show date and time information, so you can match them against the set of files in your Saves folder or in the Load Game menu.
  2. After you have matched your save points in-game to your set of save files, close the game. Never alter game files while the game is running.
  3. Select the primary version of the save file (the one with the .save file extension) and move it to another folder location for safe-keeping.
    • You can also choose to rename or delete it.
  4. Choose the new save file you want to load. You'll have a set of files that all have the file extensions marking them as older versions of that save point.
    • To revert the smallest amount of time and progress, choose the file with .save.ver0
    • To revert the most time and progress within this save, choose the file with .save.ver4
  5. Make the file you choose become the new primary save point.
    • Right-click the file and choose Rename.
    • Delete the part of the file name after .save
    • Click Enter.
    • Example: should now be
  6. Launch The Sims 4 and choose Load Game. Select the save point you want to open, and the game will load the file you renamed as the primary file for that save point.

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