Get all the info you need when you return to the Octagon in the latest UFC Mobile game.

Right away, you’ll notice that we’ve polished our graphics, our interface, our sound, and our Fighter animations. We’ve also taken and implemented your feedback from Beta and Soft Launch, and we hope you’ll notice the changes!

There’s a lot more to do than there was in the original game. We have social play with Guilds, Raids, and Head to Head, alongside all the events you expect in a UFC game. Read on for more info on our new features.

The home screen of UFC Mobile 2.

Download it from the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad, or Google Play for Android devices.

Here’s a quick guide to what the menu options mean.



A bright green outline of a home, representing the Home button.

This is the Home button. Tap it to go back to the main screen.

A bright green circle icon with three black lines, representing the Sidebar menu.

Tap this to show or hide the Sidebar menu.

A bright green Vault icon.

This opens the Vault, where you can find your Reward Packs and purchase new packs.

A bright green outline of an envelope, representing the Inbox button.

This is your Inbox, where you’ll find news, Raid Rewards, and your invitation to join the Official UFC Mobile 2 Discord.

A black icon with three green lines and checkmarks, representing the Quest button.

This is the Quest button. Tap it to check how you’re progressing on your long-term goals in your game.

A bright green icon with a black outline of a calendar, representing the Objectives button.

This is the Objectives button. Tap it to see how your Daily, Guild, and Career Objectives are going.

A bright green outline of three people, representing the Social Hub button.

This is the Social Hub button. Tap it to see your Guild info.

A bright green outline of a cogwheel, representing the Settings button.

This is the Settings cog. Tap it to find your game version, User ID, and more. This is also where you can get help in your game.

A bright green outline of a question mark, representing the Tutorial button.

Tap this button to open a tutorial if there’s one available—it glows green when there’s something more for you to learn.

Campaign was the backbone of the original UFC Mobile, and it still matters here.

It’s the only mode that's open to you right out of the gate, and we’ve tweaked it a bit for the new game.

  • Rather than traveling across one map, you fight your way through several Chapters based on your power level and Fighter ranks.
  • Each chapter contains a number of Fight Cards, and each of these has different paths to victory.
  • To complete a Fight Card, you need to explore it fully, fighting your way along each path. You could just complete one path, but you’ll miss out on some sweet rewards if you take shortcuts.
  • Completing Fight Cards earns you Account Level XP, Training materials, Coins, and other bonus rewards.
  • Completing a Chapter also earns you bonus rewards, as well as unlocking the next Chapter.

This is where you’ll find all the UFC tie-in events you’d expect in UFC Mobile 2, and daily Training events to help you develop your roster of Fighters.

Manage your Fighters here: increase their level, Rank, and special Discipline abilities. It’s also a great place to get an overview of your roster and quickly spot who has upgrades available.

With the introduction of Guilds, we’re bringing true social play and collaboration to the Octagon.

Join a Guild and work together to complete daily Quests, earning Keys that get you access to Raids. Raids are multi-fight encounters that take place in Rooms. Pick your room, pick your path, and complete it to earn personal rewards.

Test your skill and your roster against other players in Head to Head. Win fights to win fans and progress up the leaderboard. Get rewards at the end of a Season based on your global ranking. Everyone starts out in their first Season at Amateur I—how high can you climb?

Earn Battle Pass points by completing Daily Activities to increase your Battle Pass Level and earn new rewards. There are two reward tracks: one for everyone and one for players with a Premium Battle Pass.

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