Learn how to join EA Play and EA Play Pro to play the games in The Play List, try new EA games early, and get discounts on EA app purchases.

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EA Play is a gaming membership that lets you play some of EA’s best games, and grants you exclusive perks and benefits. It’s available on PC as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

EA Play for PC has two membership tiers: EA Play and EA Play Pro.

Both tiers include:

  • Exclusive rewards and members-only content.
  • Unlimited access to The Play List, a collection of EA’s fan-favorite games and series as well as select third-party games.
  • 10% discount on EA digital purchases, such as full games, expansion packs, and in-game currency.
  • Access to select new games for up to 10 hours before they launch.

With EA Play Pro you’ll also get

  • Unlimited access to our best games and brand new releases.

Are you an EA Play member looking to upgrade to EA Play Pro? Here’s how to do that.

Want in? Awesome. Check out pricing and more information before you sign up.

If you’re a member of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass for PC, you have EA Play for PC included with your membership. Find out more about how EA Play for PC works with your Xbox Game Pass membership.

Heads-up that you’ll need to download the EA app to use EA Play via your Xbox Game Pass membership.

What you need to know before you join

  • EA Play for PC is only available on PC, not on Mac.
  • Membership benefits are only for players who live in the regions where EA Play is available. If you join and then travel to a place where it’s not available, you can only play games from The Play List or early trials that you already downloaded and installed.
  • Games in The Play List may vary by region. Visit to see what’s available where you are.
  • Games will come in and out of EA Play as part of our evolving service. Most often we’ll remove games from both EA Play and EA Play Pro at the same time, but sometimes a game will stay available for Pro.
  • If a game is leaving EA Play, you can find the date that it’s leaving on the game details page. If you’ve added a game to your Library that’ll be leaving soon, you can see the date it’s being removed there too.
  • You need an internet connection for early trials. You can play some games from The Play List offline, but you’ll occasionally need to reconnect to the EA app to verify that you’re still a member.
  • EA Play is not a streaming service, so you’ll need to download and install the games on your computer to play them.
  • EA Play memberships don’t cross platforms, and Steam is a separate platform from the EA app. If you buy your membership on the EA app, you won’t be able to use your membership benefits or access games from The Play List on Steam, and vice versa.

EA Play memberships are charged as recurring monthly or yearly payments, depending on which plan you choose. You can cancel at any time.

Join EA Play through the EA app

A coral play icon.Use this video guide to learn how to join EA Play through the EA app.

  1. Launch the EA app.
  2. Click on EA Play.
  3. Click Join EA Play.
  4. Select an annual or monthly plan, then click Continue.
  5. Select or enter your payment method information.
    • You can use your credit card, PayPal, or EA Wallet to pay for EA Play.
    • If you live in Russia, you can't use a credit card for recurring payments. You can use one for standard transactions.
  6. Click Proceed to review order.
  7. Agree to the automatic renewal, then click Start membership.

Do you live in Brazil? EA Play memberships on the EA app are not recurring in Brazil. You can buy memberships that are stackable, so you can buy a few at a time. They’re also continuous so you won’t lose a minute of game time.

Join EA Play through Steam

  • Head to the Steam Store to choose your membership today.
  • If you live in Brazil, your EA Play membership from the Steam Store can be recurring.
  • If you bought your EA Play membership through Steam, you’ll need to reach out to Steam Support for help with account management, billing, and cancelation.

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