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To Do List be gone! Your Sims can now earn LlamaZoom Tokens by completing tasks in The Sims Mobile. Learn all about LlamaZoom Tokens here.

It's the new currency that replaces Daily To Do Lists.

How does it work?

Unlock LlamaZoom Tasks at Level 9, and earn Tokens. Check your tasks through the new llama icon on the bottom right of your game screen.

Check your LlamaZoom Token balance in your ticket inventory after level 14.

Choose from: Relationship, Career, Hobby, or a mix of the three tasks.

How do tasks work?

Tasks are timed events that earn you rewards when they're complete. Tasks are available at random and have several levels of difficulty. Earn bonus rewards for completing all tasks.

  • You can also rush tasks by spending SimCash.

What happens when my tasks are gone?

Your list of tasks will be blank for a short cooldown period. If you really can’t wait, refresh your tasks by spending SimCash and start earning more LlamaZoom Tokens!

What can I unlock?

  • After Level 14 you can unlock several objects, but some cost LlamaZoom Tokens, like Clothing and Accessories.

What else is changing with the introduction of LlamaZoom Tokens?

  • LlamaZoom Tokens and Simoleons are used in the Home Catalog and for Sim Items.
  • Heirloom Tickets, Super Heirloom Tickets, and Luxe Heirloom Tickets are still used in the Heirloom Store.
  • Party Rewards are changing to earn Fashion Gems. These are still used in Izzy’s Fashion Shop.
  • All remaining currency will be converted to Simoleons or LlamaZoom Tokens.

Don’t worry, special Events are still here, and you can Level Up even further now. We’ve added Levels 41-50!

Still need help?

The best way to reach us about The Sims Mobile is to create a case from within your game.

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